These internal vibrators are fanatical about safety and productivity. The unique bodyguard protection system from Wacker Neuson ensures optimized protection for operator and unit from the moment the unit is attached to its power source. For the first time, protection extends across the entire length of the unit, from bodyguard at the main plug all the way to the vibrator head housing. In addition, IRFU delivers the highest possible compaction performance and productivity thanks to its ability to maintain a constant speed in every variety of compacted concrete. 


  • Power safety: IRFU vibrators can operate within a broad range of supply voltages, ensuring the operator stable running with oscillating current and generator networks – even when using extension cables. Like all Wacker Neuson internal vibrators, IRFU is one-hundred-percent resistant to short circuits and ground leakage and is equipped with overtemperature protection and protection against overvoltage and undervoltage. And of course, it complies with all current safety and EMC standards. 
  • Long-term strength: The fully-sealed Bodyguard® exhibits Wacker Neuson’s proven quality to make it just as robust and reliable as other components. 
  • No snags: All edges on the converter housing are rounded to reliably prevent snagging on the reinforcement.